• Home Phone Security System


    The main aim of this project is to secure home with the lowest cost possible, I developed this security system by recycling semi working old feature phone

    How it works:

    This security system contains the following items 
    • Magnetic sensors
    • Receiver
    • Semi working feature phone
    Magnetic sensors will be installed to the doors & windows, if these sensors detects any motion they will send signal to receiver through RF module then receiver communicates with the featured phone to make a call to already saved contact

    Year of development:

    Initaited in 2007
    Developed in 2009 - 2010

    Awards & Appreciations:

    Won first prizes and appreciations in
    • District Level Science Fair 
    • State Level Science Fair
    • School Level Science Fairs

    Media Coverage:


    Vengal Rao Nagar,
    Hyderabad, India - 500038




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    +91 9949559764 (home)