• Bike that won't start without helmet (version: 1.0)


    The main aim of this project is to avoid bike riding without helmet so that we can stop biker deaths in india due to not 
    using helmet.

    How it works:

    In this project helmet is equipped with a sensor & a transmitter to detect the presence of head and to transfer signal to the receiver in the bike. Once the single is received in bike it activates the ignition system in the bike. If the rider removes the helmet, first it warns the rider to use the helmet if still rider doesnot use it then system will deactivate ignition. 

    Year of development:

    Initiated in early 2011
    Developed in 2011 - 2012

    Awards & Appreciations:

    • Bagged first prizes in all Popular National Level Fest's

    Media Coverage:


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